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Friday, August 22, 2014

Reality Check as the New Moon in Virgo Collides with the Mars Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio

Reality Check as New Moon in Virgo Collides with the Mars Saturn Conjunction in Scorpio

The times and the signs are changing. Specifically, the Sun is moving out of fiery, fun-loving Leo and into practical Virgo on August 23rd, where it joins Mercury. And we all know that summer is winding down. Here in Boston it is already beginning to feel like fall. But on August 25th we have a new moon in 2 degrees of Virgo conjunct the Sun in Virgo. We also have another major, very heavy aspect- Mars and Saturn are conjunct in 17 degrees of Scorpio. With both of these aspects occurring on the same day, the universe is forcing us to face reality.

Stirrings of this new reality have already begun to be felt this week. The moon entered Cancer on August 20th, inspiring me to tweet:

"Cancer moon trines dreamy Neptune in Pisces tonight. Should really benefit my meditation group with lots of inspiration."

That was one of the most prescient tweets that I ever posted! I attend a weekly meditation group on Wednesday evenings that always includes music. I love the energy of the group as it seems to intensify my state of peace and bliss while making me more receptive to whatever inspired messages come through. I was in a very relaxed state receiving messages that a part of my journey was ending but that I should not fear it because something more positive was on the horizon. At that moment, the music abruptly changed from soothing background to a boisterous vocal arrangement. The minister who leads the meditation deftly explained his mistake after the meditation ended. He pushed the wrong button on his phone which stored the music, but covered by saying it was a sign that sudden changes can occur in life when we think we are on a certain path but we must remain open to those changes. It really resonated with my meditation experience that night.

I also found myself very inspired by fellow astrologer Molly Hall's interpretation of this new moon in her weekly newsletter. She said that this is the "ideal New Moon to earth your dreams with plans that unfold along a realistic path." She also urged us to purge what is making us sick and detox during this new moon.  After all, Virgo is a practical, detail-oriented earth sign that relates to health. Think about what isn't working for you and use that practical genius to make the necessary changes. This new moon falls in my 11th house of goals and group associations, so I need to devise some new strategies to achieve those goals.

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio are currently transiting my 2nd house, so my values and finances are definitely coming under scrutiny these days. Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio contains themes of disappointments and restrictions, as well as the end of the line. Instead of feeling defeated by this aspect, which is quite natural when both of these planets are conjuncting my natal Sun and Black Moon Lilith, I am beginning to realize that if one approach isn't working for me, it's high time to try something new.  I have been doing a lot of research and making inquiries online to generate more business and income, but this week I began getting away from my computer, going outside and talking to more people. Thinking outside of the box is becoming my new mantra in an effort to change my life even more and set in motion the practical realities of new beginnings.

Acceptance of this natural process of one cycle ending doesn't come easy, but this week's planetary aspects are giving us the proverbial kick in the pants that we need, thanks to Mars in Scorpio. On August 23rd it reminds us that emotional adjustments are indeed necessary when it inconjuncts Uranus in Aries. The trick is not to do anything too impulsive because Uranus, especially in the impulsive fire sign of Aries, tends to operate in that manner. Our attitudes may need an overhaul, to say the least! The Sun also enters Virgo and Mars trines Chiron in Pisces on the 23rd, urging us to let go of the need to control the details. That one is particularly tough for me with my compulsion for being so detail oriented. And let's not forget that Saturn in Scorpio is all about new approaches to old problems.

So let Mars and Saturn in Scorpio assist you in transforming your life and creating new structures that work for you. This new moon in Virgo supports the theme of creating a new reality by following a more realistic path.

If you are feeling confused during these challenging times and curious as to how Saturn, Uranus or the Black Moon Lilith are affecting you, please consider getting an astrological reading to obtain more insight and assistance in the healing process. Check out my services page on this site at:

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