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Friday, August 8, 2014

Super Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

We have a super full moon in 18 degrees of Aquarius at 2:09 p.m. on Sunday, August 10th but I would wager that many people have been feeling the effects of this one for several days due to Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. A super full moon occurs when the moon's closest approach to the earth coincides with the phase of the full moon, making the moon appear to be bigger and brighter. This is the biggest, brightest one of the year. The Native Americans called this full moon the Sturgeon Full Moon due to the abundant catches of large fish available in the Great Lakes. It can also cause stronger and fuller ocean tides with increased potential for flooding. Is anyone else tired of watching the news of floods across the country? 

Anyway, back to Saturn in Scorpio. No, folks, we can't escape its effects until December 23rd, when it FINALLY moves into Sagittarius. Can you tell that I am an impatient Scorpio who is growing weary of its testing and delays? On Monday, August 4th the moon in Scorpio trined Chiron in Pisces and set the stage for healing. Chiron is in Pisces until 2019. Saturn followed suit with a trine to Chiron in Pisces on Tuesday, which prompted me to tweet:

"Deep healing is a major theme today as Saturn in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces."

This super full moon will form a T-square to Saturn in Scorpio. It is very fixed energy with lots of tension and the need for restructuring. Don't be surprised if some stuck energies wind up begging to see the light of day and be healed! The themes with this aspect are closure and completion because Saturn in Scorpio deals with karma and endings.

The pace of the prelude to this full moon intensifies on August 8th when Mercury in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio and inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces. Granted, we do have a lovely conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Leo on the 8th, but it doesn't totally mitigate the tension caused by these aspects. On August 9th the Sun follows suit and squares Saturn and inconjuncts Chiron. The bottom line with these inconjuncts to Chiron is that adjustments need to be made between the ego and spirituality.

This full moon in Aquarius can be a wake-up call that delivers insight like the proverbial Uranus ruled bolt of lightning. We have the opportunity to break through our own self-imposed blockages and breathe some fresh air. Aquarius is, after all, an air sign. We also need to be mindful that the full moon opposing Mercury and squaring Saturn can cause unreasonable demands, impatience and tension.

It is a time for radical thinking and the full moon in Aquarius squaring Saturn in Scorpio forces us to ground that electrical radical charge of energy to have it manifest in our lives. It is definitely time to think outside of the box. Freedom is a major theme, but don't hesitate to reach out to friends and groups with like-minded ideas to pursue alternative methods of healing. Anyone need some Reiki? I have some openings next week!

As for me this full moon falls at the very end of my 4th house conjunct my Mars. So I have no doubt that this one will affect me in a big way and I need to heed my own advice about being mindful of the tensions and impatience that will undoubtedly occur. But that full moon is literally seconds away from the cusp of my 5th house, so I prefer to focus on its ability to remove any blockages to my creativity.

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