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Friday, August 15, 2014

Venus Joins the Party in Leo and Farewell to Robin Williams

Venus roared into the regal sign of Leo on August 12th at 3:24 a.m., where it will hold court until September 5th. It joined the party of planets in Leo which includes the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, which moves into Virgo on August 15th. Venus in Leo has a very different feel from watery Venus in Cancer by urging us to take risks (it is a fire sign, after all) and attempt to recapture the hopefulness of childhood. It reminds us of what moves us from our heart center and encourages us to become more visible. It’s time to shine and strut our stuff because it inherently craves attention.

Venus in Leo puts the spotlight on love, romance, creativity and beauty.  Its fiery energy boosts creative confidence and brings renewed optimism with its high spirits and air of exuberance. It is a time to let love and affection flow by giving praise to others. Venus in Leo is at its best when it recognizes the creative potential in others and celebrates it. It is also a personal reminder that we need to be adored and it opens the door for us to be more receptive to that praise and adoration in our own lives. 

On August 13th the moon entered the fire sign of Aries, prompting me to tweet:

“Aries moon trining Jupiter and Venus in Leo today wants to lighten up and enjoy life by living in the moment.”

Venus really gets the chance to party with Jupiter on August 17th when the two “benefic” planets form a conjunction that allow the opportunity for creative displays that are downright spirit lifting. It will be a welcome respite after Jupiter in Leo’s challenging inconjunct aspect to Neptune in Pisces on August 14th.  This aspect required an adjustment of old attitudes and patterns of thought that hold us back and keep us stuck in confusion, frustration and disillusionment.  Hopefully, we were able to move forward with the trust, faith and receptivity that Neptune in Pisces provides in abundance to fully enjoy the spontaneity and confidence of Venus and Jupiter in Leo.  On August 14th I tweeted:

“Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces today requires adjustments in faith and hope.  Things may be rather foggy.”

Venus in Leo will pose two more challenging aspects in August before its reign ends.  On August 26th, Venus in 16 degrees of Leo will square Saturn in Scorpio.  The theme of this aspect is that bold moves can be challenged by integrity and substance as Saturn puts the brakes on.  On August 27th Venus in 18 degrees of Leo will square Mars in 19 degrees of Scorpio increasing the tension in love relationships.  Forewarned is forearmed is my motto!  That said, enjoy the rest of the Venus in Leo transit.

I had planned for this to be a short post this week, but like so many others around the world, I was deeply moved by the news of Robin Williams’ death on August 11th. Venus in Leo can also represent our culture’s entertainment royalty.  This past week we lost two talented entertainment treasures-Robin Williams on August 11th and Lauren Bacall on August 12th. While Venus was still technically in Cancer when Robin Williams died, the attention his death has generated is very much of a Venus in Leo nature. 

Like many other astrologers, I couldn’t resist taking a look at his chart once my initial shock over his death had subsided.  Robin’s natal chart had a preponderance of sensitive water sign placements: his Sun in 28 degrees of Cancer, Moon in 9 degrees of Pisces, ascendant in 12 degrees of Scorpio, Juno in 23 degrees of Scorpio, in addition to a north node in 12 degrees of Pisces and Ceres in 16 degrees of Pisces.  He also had a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer in his 9th house and his Black Moon Lilith in Cancer in the 8th house.

All of this watery energy in his chart gave him an incredible emotional sensitivity that allowed him to delve deeply into his characters and connect with so many people through his unique comedic talents.  That north node and Ceres in Pisces also contributed greatly to his generous spirit, which we are just beginning to hear about.  For instance, he set aside funds for long-time friend Christopher Reeve’s children and once bought Conan O’Brien a bicycle just because he was depressed.  And he also entertained many troops over the years without making a big deal out of it.

The Black Moon Lilith reveals our personal shadow side, the primary fear that blocks and undermines us in life and the fundamental way we judge others and ourselves.  It really represents our own personal saboteur.  Robin Williams had the Black Moon Lilith in the sign of Cancer, and that shadow’s theme is support. Sadly, he was not able to obtain the support he needed to win his battle against depression.

I also looked at Chiron in his natal chart to determine his greatest wound. Robin Williams had Chiron in 27 degrees of Sagittarius in his 2nd house.  The themes of this placement were meaninglessness and lack of boundaries, which are very common issues for anyone struggling with addiction.  Robin’s Chiron also squared his Saturn in 27 degrees of Virgo, which is an enormously challenging aspect because it represents a double dose of blockage and repression of wounds and issues. He must have suffered terribly from frustration and self-deprecation. The only way for him to cope was to master the material world and he was driven to succeed, which he did brilliantly.

Robin Williams faced some extremely challenging transits on August 11th. Transiting Mars in Scorpio was in his 12th house conjunct his ascendant and this triggered his self-destructive tendencies.  Transiting Uranus in Aries had entered his 6th house in mid-June, causing sudden changes in his health and contributing more nervous strain. His wife recently disclosed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was uncomfortable revealing it. Transiting Pluto in Capricorn was in his 3rd house opposing his Mars Uranus conjunction, further highlighting the theme of a sudden, shocking death. And the Sun in Leo conjuncted his Pluto in Leo, indicating the potential for regeneration or rebirth. The transiting Moon in Pisces conjuncted his natal Moon in Pisces in the 4th house, which symbolically represents beginnings and endings in life. 

Transiting Chiron in Pisces was at the end of his 4th house conjunct his north node and Ceres.  Healing was definitely needed, but perhaps his death served as yet another wake-up call for others who suffer from depression and/or addiction to get help.  Indeed, newscasters reported on the day following his death that calls to suicide prevention lines had spiked tremendously.  Ironically, Venus in Cancer also conjuncted his Sun, ensuring that that he will be remembered and loved for the joy that he brought to so many people over the years, yet which managed to elude him.  The focus will hopefully remain on celebrating his life and not the manner of his death.

I also looked at the progressed chart of Robin Williams for August 11, 2014.  His progressed Chiron was in his 1st house, so those wounds that he had hidden so well for so many years were finally made public. Robin’s progressed Sun was in the 10th house, which made his death a very public affair.  His progressed Mercury was in Virgo in the 9th house, so the news of his death traveled quickly and sparked much analysis of the tragic circumstances regarding his death.  Robin’s progressed moon was in Gemini in the 7th house.  Robin had a broad appeal to several generations and people of all ages were talking about him and sharing fond remembrances of his performances.  I am old enough to remember him in Mork and Mindy and his Comic Relief Specials, which provided a wonderful showcase for his humanitarian side.  He also shone brilliantly in movies like Good Morning Vietnam, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting and Mrs. Doubtfire.  Robin Williams will be greatly missed.

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