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Friday, January 9, 2015

Mars Swims into Pisces and Pluto Squares the Nodes

Mars leaves Aquarius, the sign of the rebel with a cause, and swims into the watery sign of Pisces on January 12th. How will that affect us? It will be a marked contrast from Mars in Aquarius, which leads with a cool, detached mind and fights its battles mentally because it is an air sign. Trust me, I know this personally because I am a member of the Mars in Aquarius tribe; I have it natally.

Mars in Pisces is a much more artistic Mars that leads with its heart and will be more focused on creative and spiritual matters. Vulnerability is a major theme with Mars in Pisces, as it is prone to rescue victims and addicts. Mars in Pisces is idealistic, compassionate and selfless. It definitely has a tendency to put others' needs before its own and dislikes confrontation, which can make it inclined to go with the flow until a clear, definitive opportunity emerges. Pisces, along with Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, is a mutable sign. What I love about Mars in Pisces is that it can help us transform compassionate feelings into meaningful action. It needs a creative outlet to make its dreams come true or it can succumb to passive aggressive tendencies. This will be especially true on January 19th when it conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Don't throw yourself a pity party on that day or become a victim. And don't get too caught up in trying to rescue everyone.

Mars in Pisces will form a challenging aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius on January 15th when it squares Saturn. This is another aspect that I am all too familiar with because I have my natal Mars in Aquarius squaring my Saturn in Scorpio. How does this one play out?  Frustrations and delays are part and parcel of this aspect, in addition to blockages and an overwhelming feeling that duty calls. This is not a slacker aspect, that's for sure. Mars in Pisces may appear to be laid back and craving escapism, but its square to Saturn will deliver a hard reality check. The only saving grace with this tough aspect is that both Mars and Saturn are in mutable signs, so it may be a little easier to adapt and make whatever changes are necessary.

On January 15th, we also have transiting Pluto in 13 degrees of Capricorn squaring the north node of the moon in Libra and the south node of the moon in Aries. And Uranus in Aries is only one degree away from an exact conjunction to the south node of the moon. This is going to trigger a lot of the same issues we have been dealing with pertaining to the notorious Uranus Pluto square that began in 2012. The last of the seven squares is exact on March 17th in 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn. I am a little more optimistic about this final hit because both Uranus and Pluto will be direct this time. This hasn't happened previously. Maybe I shouldn't be quite so optimistic because my Libra ascendant will be in the line of fire, as will anyone who has planets or points in the middle degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The bottom line with Pluto squaring the nodes on the same day as Mars squaring Saturn is that we can expect control issues to emerge in close relationships. Enough said; don't say I didn't warn you if this proves to be a challenging day.

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