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Friday, April 15, 2016

Pluto Retrogrades as We Prepare for Some Deep Thinking about Power

Pluto is the planet associated with power and powerlessness and as it prepares to station retrograde in 17 degrees of Capricorn on April 18, 2016, I think that we should all consider the prospect of hunkering down and engaging in some deep soul searching until it stations direct in 14 degrees of Capricorn on September 26, 2016.  It’s really the only way to reap the benefits of this five month long transit.  Pluto stations retrograde one day after Mars stations retrograde in 8 degrees of Sagittarius on April 17th, which means that Scorpios are going to feel the effects of these retrogrades very intensely.  How could we not when our ruling planets are involved? Even if you are not a Scorpio or have Scorpio planets, you will not escape the effects of this transit, so don’t even think you are immune from its effects.

I loved what fellow astrologer Molly Hall had to say about Pluto retrograde in her weekly astrology blog.  I concur with her succinct assessment that Pluto retrograde’s connection with power and powerlessness calls to mind the Serenity Prayer being helpful in dealing with Pluto retrograde.  She said that Pluto retrograde requires us to determine what we are in control of and what is bigger than us.  That is definitely sage advice.

In case you are not familiar with the Serenity Prayer, I am including it here:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I think that this also resonated for me personally because I spoke about the need to surrender in my last blog with all of these retrograde planets.  By the end of April, we will have Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Pluto and Mercury retrograde.  In many ways, Pluto transits can be compared to the process of recovery—sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom so that you can move forward and into that light at the end of the tunnel.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn will be showing us the structures that are holding us back as they are shattered.  In the United States, this is playing out in the arena of finances and government.  The upcoming Presidential. Election is a prime example of this.  The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the American Revolution.  Need I say more???

All is not gloom and doom, however. We have a Grand Earth Trine from April 14- 20, 2016 involving Jupiter in 14 degrees of Virgo, Pluto in 17 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury in 15 degrees of Taurus.  This is a great time to reach out and ask for help from others because all of this earth energy encourages and empowers us to ask for help.  As a Scorpio, I can tell you this does not come naturally.  Scorpios by nature are reserved, private and self-reliant.  We are quite comfortable with the phrase that Brene Brown calls “over functioning” in her book Rising Strong.  She defines this as stuffing your own feelings so that you help others to the point of controlling too much and tying your self-worth into being such a helper that when you need to ask for help you feel shame.  I don’t think that it is a coincidence that she is a Scorpio, born on November 18th.

On a personal level, this Grand Earth Trine is playing out with Jupiter at the end of my 11th house, Pluto is still in my 3rd house and Mercury is in my 8th house.  This is hardly a time to go it alone.  In that spirit of reaching out, I recently added a Donate button on my Services Offered page of my blog so that anyone who has felt inspired or helped by my work can make an offering in the amount of their choice to support this blog.

On April 10th I attended a Reiki conference and found myself incredibly inspired by Kathie Lipinski’s talk on Making Reiki Real. As a healer, I loved what she said about needing to set boundaries and not taking on other people’s stuff while doing Reiki.  I confess to having struggled with setting boundaries in my life and it was very validating to hear that you can’t do the healing for other people if they are not open to the energy.  It was nice to hear about the importance of self-Reiki and I am making more of an effort to incorporate it into my life every day.

The north node in Virgo has an underlying theme of service to others.  In that spirit of pursuing my path as a healer, I am channeling that north node and Jupiter in Virgo energy by offering my Reiki services. If you are in the Boston area, please consider getting a Reiki treatment at Acupuncture for Everyone in Copley Square to destress, revitalize and remove blockages to healing.  It’s a perfect way to start your weekend off and can also be described as a spa for the soul to boot!   Reiki is the most profound treatment for stress relief because it concentrates on CALMING your body. 

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