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Friday, September 23, 2016

A Change of Season with Fall Equinox, Mercury and Pluto Direct and Mars and Venus Changing Signs

The eclipses may be over, but September is still abuzz with astrological activity. Uranus in Aries continues to be a very active key player in the September 16th lunar eclipse.  It received a trine from Mars in Sagittarius on that day and on September 17th, Venus in Libra opposed it.  Changes, breakthroughs and heated exchanges in relationships were a small part of the fallout of this eclipse.  I sense that the effects of this lunar eclipse will linger for a full six months and it will be interesting to see where we are in March 2017, especially after the February 2017 eclipses. 

The best news this week occurred on September 22, 2016 when Mercury stationed direct in 14 degrees of Virgo. Communication and transportation snafus will slowly lift as Mercury picks up speed and moves forward.  We also experienced the Fall Equinox on that day when the sun entered Libra. With the sun in Libra, the energy will shift to a more social atmosphere.  I love the season of fall and consider it to be my own personal new year, when the air is crisp and the energy ripe for new beginnings. The sun and Jupiter in Libra were also conjunct that day, fueling the fires of optimism.  And the moon was in Gemini, so it was all about communication.  We just need to be mindful not to take on more than we can handle with that connection to Jupiter, given Jupiter’s penchant for doing things in a big way.  Another perk of Mercury stationing direct on September 22nd is that it conjuncted the north node in Virgo.  This is a very positive, auspicious aspect because it empowers us with the ability to analyze our next steps and move forward on our soul’s path.

We are also the beneficiary of two trines this week from Mercury in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn.  The first occurred on September 20th when Mercury was still retrograde, inspiring me to tweet:

“Mercury in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn today is a boon for clearer communication & ability to focus. Our words have power.”

On September 23rd, Mercury direct trines Pluto in Capricorn again, so make the most of this energy of this potentially productive trine between analytical Virgo and powerful Capricorn.  This is our second hit this week and its potential shouldn’t be wasted.

On September 23, 2016 Venus exits its home sign of Libra and plunges into the watery depths of Scorpio, where it will remain until October 18th.  The emotional vibe in relationships will take on a more intense, all or nothing, obsessive quality.  Make no bones about it, Venus in Scorpio does not have the lighthearted social butterfly quality of Venus in Libra.  It craves intimacy, emotional depth and is quite adept at purging and detoxing in relationships.  I have my Venus in Scorpio and I can attest to its totally accurate description of still waters running deep.

The sun may be in Libra, but the Scorpio energy gets kicked up a notch when its ruling planet Pluto stations direct in 14 degrees of Capricorn on September 26, 2016.  Pluto has been retrograde since April 18th, so we can start to reap the benefits of the confrontation of our shadow side (especially our desire for power) and revisiting old hurts so that our transformation can move to the next level.  And with Pluto direct in Capricorn, just maybe we can make some progress in transforming our government in a constructive manner.

Mars is finally changing signs, entering Capricorn on September 27, 2016. Mars stays in Capricorn for about six weeks, entering the free -wheeling sign of Aquarius on November 9, 2016. Mars has spent most of 2016 in Scorpio and Sagittarius due to its extended retrograde period from April 17th through June 29, 2016.  It’s very interesting that both Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Scorpio, stationed retrograde so close to each other. And they are headed for a conjunction in Capricorn on October 19th, which could result in some major bullying.  More on that later…

But what can we expect from Mars in Capricorn? Mars in Capricorn will lack the fiery enthusiasm of Mars in Sagittarius, as it has a more disciplined, determined demeanor with a focus on making slow and steady progress. It is a cautious, reserved Mars. The perk of Mars in Capricorn is that we can take those ideals that surfaced during the long Mars in Sagittarius transit and make them a reality.  Transiting Mars in Capricorn will be conjunct my natal north node on October 10, 2016 and the sun enters my first house that day as well, so I am eagerly anticipating an adrenaline boost of energy.

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