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Friday, October 20, 2017

Mars Enters Libra, the Sun Enters Scorpio and Jupiter and the Sun Conjunct in Scorpio

Brace yourself, everyone because life is about to get a lot more interesting and intense.  I know, we are just coming off the heels of a volatile new moon in Libra that opposed Uranus in Aries, but there is much more drama to come.

On October 22, 2017, Mars enters the sign of Libra until December 9, 2017 and it will not be a happy camper there.  Mars is technically in the sign of detriment while transiting Libra.  Let’s face it, Mars is frustrated in Libra because the inherent nature of Mars is to be impulsive, urgent and it likes to act in a flashy manner.  This is why Mars rules Aries and is perfectly at home there.  Mars in Libra likes to win arguments with style and tends to trigger a lot of passive-aggressive energy. 

Mars in Libra is prone to vacillation and has a hard time making decisions.  Stalemate situations are not uncommon when Mars is in Libra.  There can be a lot of talk but not much action.  Mars in Libra loves to share ideas but acting on them is a whole different ball game.  There is also the potential for legal problems to arise when Mars is in Libra.  And they could be the kind that take a while to resolve, given the slowed down quality of Mars in Libra.  But the positive side of Mars transiting Libra is that people may be inclined to be more peace loving and diplomatic. 

Mercury entered the sign of Scorpio on October 17, 2017, inspiring me to tweet:
On October 23, 2017 on the east coast of the United States, the sun enters the sign of Scorpio.  Okay, I confess to being biased on this score because I am a proud Scorpio and it will be officially my season and literally my time in the sun. Scorpio is definitely not a sign for lightweights and is the most intense of all the highly emotional water signs.  It is the fixed water sign and the phrase “still waters run deep” is an accurate description for Scorpio.  Scorpio may have an icy exterior, but there is a deep reserve of feelings lying beneath. 
Scorpio is no stranger to extremes of emotion.  They have a hard time finding a middle ground and it has been frequently said that you either love or hate a Scorpio. They are very loyal to their friends, but if you cross a Scorpio, you couldn’t ask for a worse enemy. Vindictiveness is one of their least attractive qualities, right there along with jealousy and manipulativeness. 

When the sun is transiting Scorpio, desire, intensity and strong will be front and center.  Yes, Scorpio is dark, intense, passionate (it is aka the sex sign) and complex but the sun transiting the sign of Scorpio also has the potential to be the most healing and transformative time of the year.  Transformation is an integral part of the Scorpio nature. And with the sun in Scorpio we have the opportunity to shine a light into the shadows so that transformation can occur.  It will be a wild ride, but make the most of it.  I know that personally every year I am always stoked when the sun enters Scorpio but wind up heaving a sigh of relief when the sun enters Sagittarius in late November. That kind of intensity can only be lived through for a short amount of time.

But this year we have a special treat in store with the sun’s transit of Scorpio.  On October 26, 2017 Jupiter in 3 degrees of Scorpio conjuncts the sun.  The sun is conjunct Jupiter only once a year and it literally bestows blessings to whatever sign it falls in.  Scorpios will reap the benefits this year.  The sun conjunct Jupiter is a very positive aspect because it combines the sun’s power and will with Jupiter’s expansive quality.  Feelings of happiness, well-being and optimism will prevail.  The key word with Jupiter is expansion and it can occur in all areas of life, especially in relationships and wealth.  Scorpio is about intimate relationships and other people’s money, so when Jupiter touches it favorably, we can experience expansion and growth in these areas of life.  The only downside with this aspect is a tendency to be greedy or boastful.  If we are mindful of these potential pitfalls, we should have an amazing day,  

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