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Friday, November 9, 2018

Mars Departs Aquarius on a High Note Before it Sails into Pisces

Mars is finally getting ready to leave the sign of Aquarius after nearly six months.  It entered Aquarius on May 16, 2018, stationed retrograde in 9 degrees of Aquarius on June 26, 2018, slipped back into Capricorn on August 12, 2018 and stationed direct in 28 degrees of Capricorn on August 27, 2018.  It re-entered Aquarius on September 10, 2018.  It would be a grave understatement to say that it has been a challenging transit.  I have my natal Mars in Aquarius, so I was also dealing with a Mars Return and having Mars squaring all of my Scorpio planets (Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Venus, Ceres, Pallas Athena and Black Moon Lilith) and then finally opposing my Pluto in Leo. 

But before Mars sails into the calmer water sign of Pisces on November 15, 2018, it will depart on a high note with two delightful aspects.  The first one occurs on November 9, 2018 when retrograde Venus in 25 degrees of Libra trines Mars in 25 degrees of Aquarius.  This is the second time this year we have experienced this aspect; it also occurred on August 7, 2018 when Venus was in 1 degree of Libra and Mars was retrograde in 1 degree of Aquarius.  What can we expect from this aspect?  It will serve as a nice balancing act for relationships because it tends to increase the desire for social contact and enjoyment of the finer things in life.  It can also be an opportunity for attracting a new, more suitable partner if you are single and in existing relationships it favors discussing any tensions that have been brewing for some time.   Venus trining Mars also fosters creativity, redecorating, increases the likelihood of attending parties or entertaining.  This all pretty sweet.

The last aspect that Mars in Aquarius makes is a supportive sextile to retrograde Uranus in 29 degrees of Aries.  Mars sextiling Uranus increases our desire for fun and triggers our excitement junkie.  There is a strong possibility of attracting people who are different or, conversely, breaking away from relationships that are confining or restrictive.  It definitely favors implementing changes and there is added emphasis on this theme with both of these planets being in 29 degrees, the critical degree.  The Uranian energy is amplified because Uranus rules Aquarius and Uranus is very comfortable in the cardinal, initiating sign of Aries.

Mars will have a much shorter transit in the sign of Pisces; it will enter its home sign of Aries on December 31, 2018.  When Mars is in Pisces, we will be more motivated to pursue our spiritual and emotional drives and we are naturally more averse to conflict.  Mars in Pisces has a tendency to put others’ needs before our own and act in more idealistic manner.  It also helps us connect with our intuition and act on it.  Mars in Pisces literally awakes our Divine Will so that we can act without fear and from a place of love because Pisces is so compassionate.  It is prime time to act on healing our own wounds and that ultimately helps others too.  It’s a pretty sweet way to end the turbulent year of 2018. But we do need to be mindful of not getting stuck in the role of victim or martyr, which is Pisces territory. 

Personally, I am over the moon over the upcoming Mars in Pisces transit.  After having Mars in Aquarius square all of my Scorpio planets, I now get to experience Mars trining my Scorpio planets and my south node, midheaven, Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer.  The only real challenge that I will face from Mars in Pisces is a square to my Gemini moon, which may make me prone to more childish or impulsive behavior and a few temper tantrums.  But I’ll take it because all of the trines outweigh this one square in my opinion.  And I am feeling more optimistic about the remainder of 2018 and 2019 since Jupiter entered its home sign of Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, inspiring me to tweet:
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