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Friday, May 16, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio and Venus in Aries as a Key Player

We had a much ballyhooed full moon in 24 degrees of Scorpio on Wednesday, May 14th.  It garnered a lot of press because it was conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, whose theme song is grace under pressure. And that full moon conjunct Saturn gave us a reality check regarding what is holding us back. It was intensely personal for me because that full moon was conjunct my 2nd house Venus and transiting Saturn is still conjuncting my sun.

There was a ray of light with this full moon in the form of a grand water trine. The full moon in Scorpio trined Jupiter in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces. It inspired me to tweet:
"Potential for healing in relationships today with moon Trining Chiron and Jupiter. Lots of water energy." Surprisingly, this was my most popular tweet of the week on Twitter.  On a personal level, this manifested for me by allowing me to compassionately set a boundary with a friend who was requesting free astrological advice while I was working on a client's chart. I was elated that she was not offended because I have never been good at setting boundaries; I either gave in and seethed with resentment or bluntly told the person off.  So I regard that as a healing opportunity to transform my negative Scorpio traits into more compassionate Cancer and Pisces ones. I ditched the sarcasm and resentment and embraced the traits of being compassionate yet was able to set a boundary. I'll savor my victories when I find them.

But Venus in Aries has been a key player this week, especially during the full moon.  How could it not be in the sign of Aries, still in the crossfire of the recent Grand Cardinal Cross?  On the day of the full moon, Venus squared Pluto in Capricorn.  This aspect prompted me to tweet: “Venus square Pluto today calls for us to let go of our obsessions and transform relationships with influence of full moon.”   I have a natal Venus Pluto square, so I am very familiar with the nature of this energy.  Obsession rules with this aspect.  It played out in a very unusual way for me—I became obsessed with solving a computer related issue on my tablet and I wound up spending more hours on it than I cared to.  It isn’t resolved yet, but my obsessive research led me to some potential solutions that I hope to implement in the near future.   I am still not clear how this full moon will play out for me regarding relationships,  but I do know that there are imminent financial changes for me in the near future with my Venus in the second house. I trust that more will be revealed in the coming days.  I went to my weekly meditation group that night and the minister who usually leads it was not present.  Mercury was up to its trickster antics that night when the CD started skipping and breaking up during the meditation, but I still managed to have a relatively peaceful meditation.  I did experience a sense of my deceased parents and grandparents surrounding me with love during the meditation, so it was definitely not a bad experience.  Did I mention that transiting Mercury in Gemini was conjuncting my natal moon in the 8th house?  I shouldn’t have been surprised to feel their presence. A full moon in Scorpio is an intense emotional experience, no doubt about it. 

On Thursday, May 15th, Venus conjuncted Uranus in Aries.  I sensed that this could definitely open doors for new, unconventional ways of relating.  Elizabeth Taylor had Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries and she certainly had an unconventional love life. Mercury in Gemini was sextiling both Venus and Gemini, so communication was definitely a major theme. Unfortunately for me, my communications were feeling the ill effects of this transit when my computer froze after some Windows updates.   The moon also entered the sign of Sagittarius that day and squared Neptune in Pisces, which may have obscured reality somewhat with the mutable energy of these two planets and a tendency to view things with rose colored glasses.  But I think that most people experienced a feeling of relief when the moon entered the sign of Sagittarius after having been in intense Scorpio since Monday night.

On Friday, May 16th Venus is trining that moon in Sagittarius.  This is a great way to start the weekend and enjoy nurturing, relaxing activities.  I am getting my hair done and I think that is an optimal use of this transit.  On Sunday, May 18th Venus in Aries will be squaring Jupiter in Cancer.  Normally squares are considered to be challenging, but with these two planets involved, the worst case scenarios would include excessive optimism, overindulging, overspending, exaggerating our feelings and feeling lazy.  There could be far worse ways to spend a Sunday.

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