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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mercury on the Move and Health News

Mercury changed signs this week and moved into Gemini on May 7th, prompting me to tweet that “Mercury enters Gemini today and words could literally be flying out of our mouths before we know it.” 
I was surprised to see the reaction on Twitter-272 views, six retweets and three favorites.  There was definitely a shift in the energy and obviously people were feeling it.

Mercury has been doing some pretty strange things this week and it almost feels like a Mercury retrograde.  On May 6th I had difficulty accessing my hotmail account on Outlook when Mercury was ending its run in Taurus.  I was forced to change my password, and my cell phone took on a life of its own by incessantly beeping that sign-in failed whenever a new message arrived.  I finally had to remove the account on my cell phone and tablet and then reinstate it on both.  In the meantime I wasted precious hours chatting with both Microsoft and Samsung, both of whom blamed each other for the problem.  Microsoft said it was a problem with my phone and Samsung said it was a server problem.  A friend told me that she also experienced difficulties accessing the Internet on May 7th.  On May 8th I received an email from astrologer Pam Younghans apologizing for the URL about a teleclass she was holding on June 12th not showing up.  Even she said that “And Mercury isn’t even retrograde…” 

Mercury doesn’t go retrograde until June 7th in 3 degrees of Cancer, but by now we all know that Mercury’s entrance into the shadow period can really be felt strongly.  Mark your calendars, folks, because Mercury enters the shadow period on May 23rd at 24 degrees of Gemini.  Mercury resumes direct motion on July 1st at 24 degrees of Gemini.  All I can say is that if we are feeling these effects now, this could be a very intense Mercury retrograde in June.

It seems that Mercury in Gemini has been delivering lots of news about health related issues.  The eclipses that we had on April 15th and 29th certainly did their part to bring health problems to light.  Astrologer Susan Miller became ill on April 10th from an intestinal illness that required Cipro and two biopsies.  Trooper that she is, she still managed to get out her May monthly forecasts.  Best wishes to her for a full and speedy recovery.

On May 7th Valerie Harper was in the news again when she testified before the Senate urging them to commit more funding to lung cancer research and treatments.  She argued that the stigma of lung cancer being associated with smoking should be abolished.  Valerie was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago and she never even smoked.  Many people who get lung cancer never smoked.  Dana Reeve, Christopher Reeve’s widow comes to mind.  She died in 2006 from lung cancer.

Last year Valerie Harper was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and given three months to live.  Today she talks to her cancer, engages in visualization exercises, has acupuncture regularly and takes traditional Chinese medicine tea.  She is determined to see her 75th birthday on August 22nd.  She is really an inspiration and has taught us all a valuable lesson about living in the moment.

Saturn in Scorpio also has a lot to do with health issues.  I am still feeling the effects of Saturn on my Sun and I can vouch that it is not a fun transit.  It makes you tired, work hard and prone to depression.  Thank God you get only get this transit every 29 years!  I recall having some health issues 29 years ago with an abnormal pap smear, so this is not a fluke.  On May 8th I received a much appreciated email from a friend with a helpful article on breast cancer detection which reinforced my feeling that mammograms are not that safe due to the radiation involved (not to mention the pain) and that digital infrared thermography might be safer and more effective.  Of course ultrasounds and other digital techniques cost more than mammograms.  Naturally, I attribute this welcome news to Mercury in Gemini.

Saturn is by no means through with us, however.  On May 10th, Saturn in Scorpio will be opposing the Sun in Taurus, so it can bring up some intense relationship issues and feel quite heavy.  The moon does enter Libra on May 10th, but on Mother’s Day, May 11th, the moon in Libra will be opposing Venus in Aries, conjuncting Mars in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries, and squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars in Libra will also be opposing Venus that day, so it may not be the most peaceful, loving Mother’s Day.  Some stress is to be expected thanks to Saturn and all of this cardinal action.

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