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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hot Times with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29th packed quite a punch this week.  I foolishly thought that the worst was over after the lunar eclipse on April 15th and the Uranus Pluto square on April 21st.  I think that I must have still been feeling the high from the Reiki conference that I attended on April 27th not to see this one coming.  I thoroughly enjoyed the conference; I learned a lot and met some very interesting people.  The sun in Taurus had sextiled Neptune in Pisces that day and the moon followed suit the next day.  I was still in a Neptunian fog not to see that a solar eclipse could manifest some very disturbing energy.  It was literally red hot; the moon in Taurus was conjunct Mercury and both the moon and Mercury trined Pluto in Capricorn.  But the moon was also inconjunct Mars in Libra, which contributed to some very angry energy that day.  I witnessed several cars driving through walk signs, nearly mowing down several pedestrians, myself included.   

And I wound up not having the aspiration treatment I had requested at the radiology clinic because I decided not to opt for the package deal of aspiration, biopsy and mammogram.  The doctor told me that it could be a complex cyst or a lesion that would require more action than I was prepared to undergo at this time.  It might not be a cyst, although it was causing me some discomfort.  So I opted for the six month follow up ultrasound.  The whole experience was frustrating, to say the least.  I had tried to make my feelings clear when I scheduled the appointment, but apparently nothing is simple anymore and the standard operating procedure is to operate on everything at once.  My instincts are telling me that whatever it is benign and I am trying to have faith in that belief by giving myself Reiki and visualizing it being gone by that next ultrasound.

Then there was the second cooking fire within a week in my apartment building that evening.  This one was much more serious than the one the previous Friday night.  We were actually told to evacuate the building and when the fire truck pulled up they extended the apparatus to the seventh floor in case the occupants were trapped inside. Fortunately they got out, but the sprinkler system went off and they weren’t allowed to spend the night because the apartment appeared to be flooded.  Yes, I went with neighbor to take a look at the apartment and it was not a pretty sight.  So that moon in Taurus inconjunct Mars in Libra led to some pretty heated events, no pun intended.  I spoke with a couple of friends after my medical non-experience that afternoon and they also had their own tales of frustrating experiences that day to share with me.

What was the deal with all of this frustration and delay?  Well, this solar eclipse was also opposing Saturn in Scorpio, and I think that was the final piece.  Saturn is all about delays, frustrations and feeling restricted. Saturn is on my sun right now, which is never a fun transit and the solar eclipse also opposed my natal Saturn in Scorpio.  My natal Saturn is at the end of my first house, so I tend to experience the effects of Saturn in both the first and second houses.  That tends to happen when you have a planet at the end of one house—you are prone to feeling its effects in both houses. The eclipse opposed my natal Saturn, which triggered issues about my body, self-worth and financial security.  Business has been slow again this week, but I did hear some interesting ideas about attracting clients which I intend to implement.  I have updated my Services Offered page on my blog to include my Reiki treatments at the acupuncture clinic, for starters.

The solar eclipse in Taurus also has to do with values and prosperity consciousness, as well as the Taurus traits of beauty and sensuality.  The opportunity of a solar eclipse in Taurus is to create a new beginning that expresses our personal feelings and values while finding a balanced relationship with matter—our bodies, our possessions and our environment. 

Solar eclipses symbolize super-charged new beginnings because they amplify the new moon energy.  This was a south node solar eclipse and it can bring public exposure by having things come out into the open and revealing someone’s true character and motivations.   A clearing away and cleaning up process can accompany this eclipse as well.  Eclipses are wild cards, no doubt about it.  Ironically, we may feel as if we are in the dark at the actual time of the eclipse, but it is important to remember that eclipses have second acts and the truth may not be fully revealed for a few weeks.  Eclipses also act as catalysts for major life decisions.  So don’t panic if all is not clear yet.

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